2020 School Board Members and Superintendents Election Results

PineApple Report | by Rick Rodriguez Piña | November 5, 2020

The 2020 state elections are almost over, but the dust has settled on who will lead the school districts in Florida. We at the PineApple Report want to congratulate all winners and thank all the candidates, which regardless of the individual election outcome, are leaders and have demonstrated a commitment to a better education for the children of our great state.

As in the past, we at the PineApple Report are providing the most comprehensive summary of the 2020 school board and superintendent races election results throughout Florida. A special recognition to the “people” that worked hard to put this summary together.

As we await the outcome of the critical presidential elections, we do know who will lead the sixty-seven school districts. Now is the time to begin to forge new relationships with the duly elected winners and put the campaign emotions behind us and work together to continue to better the education of our children. While the education of our children gets politicized, we must keep a clear focus on the purpose and mission of all the people involved in providing our children’s education. We can disagree on which roadmap to follow to teach our children, but we can all agree on the destination.

Significant changes occurred in several school board races throughout the state, among them in areas such as in Hillsborough, Osceola and Miami-Dade. Therefore, we encourage you take some time to review the attached election summary and familiarize yourself with all the newly elected and re-elected school board members and superintendents.


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