Florida edits out ‘climate change’ in school textbooks. But DeSantis could go further.

Palm Beach Post | By Frank Cerabino | July 9, 2024

I applaud Gov. Ron DeSantis for his stand to alter science textbooks to comport with Florida’s ultimate goal of teaching young people to revere the oil and gas industry at all costs.

News item: Textbook authors were notified by Florida officials that references to “climate change” had to be removed or modified from science textbooks to be suitable for use in public schools in the state.

In case you haven’t heard, science is so biased. Why does science hate the real Americans who don’t want unelected educational elites to indoctrinate our vulnerable children with empirical so-called knowledge?

We here in Florida won’t stand for this slanted, one-world ideology of climate science. We insist on a Fahrenheit First framework that rejects the planetary, Soros-based metric indoctrination of Florida students.

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