Lake school board approves pay increase for superintendent

Daily Commercial | by Stephen Ruiz | January 26, 2021

TAVARES — The Lake County School Board unanimously approved a new four-year contract for Superintendent Diane Kornegay on Monday night, with an annual 1% pay raise beginning in 2022.

The contract will take effect on July 1, the start of the school’s new fiscal year, but will result in no immediate change to Kornegay’s current $195,000 salary. She will receive raises the following three years.

School Board Chairman Bill Mathias told the board at its biweekly meeting that the superintendent has not received a raise in six years, dating to when Susan Moxley oversaw Lake County Schools. Moxley served from 2008 until 2017, when Kornegay, 57, was hired.

“When I approached the superintendent, I expected there would be some concern over not getting an increase for four years,” Mathias said. “Right off the bat, she told me, ‘I do not want a raise. I’m concerned about the district. I’m concerned about the finances.’ That made life a lot easier.”

The board eliminated a $2,400 annual allowance for community and business expenses in Kornegay’s overall compensation package, resulting in a net savings for the district.

“I appreciate the board’s vote of confidence in the work we are doing,” Kornegay said in a statement. “I am honored by the opportunity to continue to serve as the superintendent of Lake County Schools.”

Board member Kristi Burns commended Kornegay for her work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I’ve been blown away, and we were able to give a 2% raise this year to, I think, everyone in the district,” Burns said. “A 1% raise for our superintendent would be very reasonable, especially considering the exceptional job she’s done this year.”

Photo: Superintendent Diane Kornegay congratulates the finalists at the 2021 Teachers of the Year award ceremony on Thursday, January 30, 2020. Cindy Peterson/Correspondent

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