Schools nationwide see rapid increase of failing grades

WKRG News 5 | by Aaron Fields | December 8, 2020

The first report cards are slowly coming out for students across the country, but with the pandemic more and more schools are seeing an increase of failing grades.

Escambia County Schools are also seeing these trends of failing grades. Superintendent for ECSD Dr. Timothy Smith says they are doing everything they can to make sure their students don’t fail.

“We can have some student who will sign in and they might unplug for 20 minute and all those dynamics are very difficult,” says Superintendent Dr. Smith.

He agrees the the stats are correct. They have been seeing grades drop and while he says some students have done well learning remotely, having students back in the classroom has been critical to keep their grades up.

“Remote students are not performing as well as as the students on campus,” says Superintendent Dr. Smith.

Some school districts have seen failing grades rise by two or three times more compared to previous years. Some say it’s because of virtual learning.

Dr. Smith tells WKRG about 70 percent of their students are back in the classroom and their staff is doing everything they can to bring grades up.

“I’ve walked into classrooms and there’s four monitors and their talking to kids there and on the monitors,” Superintendent Dr. Smith says. “It’s amazing because our teachers are so dedicated.”

Although dedicated, he knows everything isn’t perfect but he says if you are concerned to make sure as a student or a parent to reach out in order bump up those grades.

“What the teachers are trying to do is provide make up opportunities or ways to catch up they are falling behind.”

ECSD teachers are being as flexible as they can, but still want their grades to being authentic and meaningful. For now Dr. Smith says it’s all about encouragement and communication to get through these rough times.

Escambia County Schools first semester will end in January. Dr. Smith says there is still time to improve those grades and the district is here to help.

They also have a database to check your grades and for more information, click here.

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