Security escorts Broward teachers union head out of school board meeting after dustup with chair

Sun Sentinel | by Lois K. Solomon | October 27, 2020

School security officers escorted Broward Teachers Union President Anna Fusco out of a school board workshop on Tuesday after she criticized the school district for not helping teachers who say they are concerned they will contract COVID-19.

Board chair Donna Korn told Fusco her comments did not pertain to the strategic plan under discussion. But Fusco insisted her comments were pertinent, and tensions escalated.

“Why do you not like to hear what’s going on?” Fusco asked Korn.

Fusco said only 20% of students were in school for in-person classes, but 80% of teachers have been required to teach in school buildings.

She also brought a card and balloons for board member Robin Bartleman, who is leaving the school board after 16 years.

“Ms. Fusco, enough please,” Korn told her as security escorted her out of the board room.

Fusco had asked the school board to delay school re-openings until Oct. 20, but the board began opening schools on Oct. 9 after getting pressured by the state. Many teachers have asked to teach online from home, but most of their requests have been denied, a point of contention between the union and the school district.

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