LCSO school resource officer saves baby by performing CPR

NBC-2 News | By Christy Soto | September 19, 2022

Only NBC2 is speaking exclusively with Jennifer Howard, the mother of the baby. 

Howard said she was dropping off her daughter Savannah at school when she heard the most terrifying words come out of her daughter’s mouth. 

“She said Mommy she is not breathing,” Howard said. 

Savannah immediately took Cheyanne out of the car seat and started to pat her on the back while Howard put her car in park at the parent drop-off line. 

“It was tough to see her the way she was, she was going limp and she was turning purple,” Howard said. 

In the video, you see Howard get out of the car and start patting Cheyanne on the back, then Deputy Weaver came to the rescue.

“He ran over as fast as he could,” Howard said. 

Howard said the four minutes Deputy weaver was doing chest compressions felt like an eternity. 

“He never stopped until she took that breath as soon as she did he flipped her over she smiled,” Howard said. 

Deputy Weaver saved Cheyanne’s life. 

“I am in debt forever,” Howard said.

Cheyanne has been a miracle baby since birth. She was born 10 weeks early. 

“She’s a preemie and she’s already having breathing issues as it is. Her throat airway is like the size of a two-month-old,” Howard said. 

After hearing what happened in the drop-off line, the staff at Three Oaks Elementary knew they needed to help the Howard family. 

“The principal and a bunch of the staff came in after hearing what was going on they actually bought a humidifier for us right then and there because we didn’t have one for her. Just thanks to all the Three Oaks Elementary School staff and Deputy Weaver. We couldn’t have done it without them” Howard said. 

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