Leon Classroom Teachers Association brings legislative concerns to Leon County delegates

WTXL | By Jada Williams | October 26, 2021

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — The Leon Classroom Teachers Associations message is clear: schools need more money and they plan on making noise until they get it.

LCTA hosted the “Rally to Stabilize our Schools” Monday, one hour before meeting with Florida legislators based serving Leon County.

LCTA President Scott Mazur led the charge.

“We cannot expect a different outcome if we don’t do something as a different input,” said Mazur.

The rally included parents, students, and other union members.

“It’s our public schools that make sure every child regardless of zip code, socio-economic status has the opportunity to succeed.

Leon Classroom Teachers Association is now asking Florida state lawmakers for more funding for schools. President Scott Mazur says funding should go towards ensuring tenure for teachers, promoting learning of all kinds; including the arts, better learning tools, and funding for health and safety.

This year, the ask is even greater as teachers and school workers navigate issues caused by COVID-19.

Heather Garcia serves as the LCTA Legislative Committee Chair. Wearing red for ed’, Dressed in red and waving signs, the Leon Classroom Teachers Association says this isn’t a new rally for the association. However, COVID-19 is shaping what they ask for this year.

“We need to close the learning gap. COVID has caused a huge learning gap. We need to make sure we’re addressing our most vulnerable students,” said Garcia.

A message that left the rally in the front of the Leon County Courthouse and continued in the Leon Commission Chambers in front of Florida State Representatives Ramon Alexander, Jason Shoaf, and Allison Tant and State Senator Loranne Ausley.

Senator Ausley says her priority once legislative session resumes is distributing ESSER funds.

“Obviously Florida was the last state in the nation to apply for the federal dollars. We don’t have a good explanation, but the important thing is to get it here and I’m going to do everything in my power to get them out the door without strings attached,” said Senator Loranne Ausley.

LCTA President Scott Mazur says he wants to see the state hit the average funding at least.

“We are 43rd in per student spending out of the US states. We are $3,000 behind in average for all student spending. Those monies would go to great use,” said Mazur.

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