President Al Palacio Gets BIG Vote of Confidence From FOP133 Members

FOP133 | July 19, 2021

The June 26, 2021, FOP 133 general membership meeting began as usual at the lodge with FOP 133 President Al Palacio welcoming all M-D Schools Police members and thanking them for attending.

There was a feeling of lightheartedness, satisfaction, and sincere gratitude in the air among the officers and executive board members in attendance. After all, FOP 133, led by Palacio and backed by a strong executive board had recently closed a two-year salary deal and new successor contract with the M-DCPS district.

Since 2014, FOP 133 and the school board district negotiators have been successful in reaching contractual agreements and continually moving towards fair compensation for M-DSPD police officers. Palacio has faithfully devoted himself to leading the negotiations for FOP 133 throughout the last few years just like his predecessor Howard Giraldo, and his hard work has paid off.

After the pledge of allegiance and a prayer for the Surfside victims and family members as well as for FOP members and their families, Palacio called on each executive board member to bring forth any new business. Treasurer Brian Levy stood up and made a motion for a vote of confidence for Palacio.

Levy said, “The entire FOP execute board has their individual strong points but no matter what, President Palacio has to deal with every issue that comes our way which can be overwhelming at times. During the peak of the Covid-19 Pandemic President Palacio was able to stave off calls to furlough our officers. Once we were able to get to negotiations with the district, Palacio was able to successfully explain the things we achieved, as a department, during these trying times. President Palacio led this Board in a direction which got our membership a two-year salary increase which we have never seen.”

This Board and all members in attendance agreed with the excellent job Al Palacio is doing as our Lodge President and voted to confirm a vote of confidence for Palacio.

Palacio barely held himself together after the pleasant surprise and kind words and said he humbly appreciated the gesture. He told the FOP members, “Wow, I had no idea this vote of confidence was taking place but I appreciate it. I’m without words.”

Congratulations on a well-deserved vote of confidence, Lt. Al Palacio!

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